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<p class="wordsection1">Hello ,</p> <p class="wordsection1"> </p> <p class="wordsection1">This is <b>Kshitija </b>from <b>Ztek Consulting</b>. We do have a position for<b> Data Modeler </b>with our client.<b> </b>Please find the details below and if interested please</p> <p class="wordsection1"> </p> <p class="wordsection1">send me your updated word format resume. If this position does not match your exact skills, perhaps you know of someone with the required skills and</p> <p class="wordsection1"> </p> <p class="wordsection1">availability, if so, please feel free to forward this e-mail to them.</p> <p class="wordsection1"> </p> <p class="wordsection1"> </p> <p class="wordsection1"><b>Job Title : </b><b>Data Modeler</b></p> <p class="wordsection1"> </p> <p class="wordsection1"><b>Location: </b><b>Tampa, FL</b></p> <p class="wordsection1"> </p> <p class="wordsection1"><b>Hire Type : Contract </b></p> <p class="wordsection1"> </p> <p class="wordsection1"><b>Job Description:</b></p> <div> <table align="center" hspace="0" style="border:undefined" vspace="0"> <tbody> <tr> <td align="left" style="padding-top:0in; padding-right:9.0pt; padding-bottom:0in; padding-left:9.0pt" valign="top"> <u> <li class="wordsection1">You have 5+ years of relevant work experience in data science and data modelling</li> <li class="wordsection1">You have worked with data from software like SAP, Salesforce or ServiceNow or other relevant major ERP system </li> <li class="wordsection1">You have a proven track record in using SQL and Python</li> <li class="wordsection1">You are a team player and can communicate data structural concepts and ideas to both technical and non-technical stakeholders</li> <li class="wordsection1">You have strong analytical skills and have an affinity with business concepts </li> <li class="wordsection1">You have a completed degree (MSc/BSc) in computer science. </li> <li class="wordsection1">Knowledge of RPA technologies like Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism, Workfusion</li> </ul> <p class="wordsection1" style="margin-left:48px"> </p> </td> </tr> </tbody> </table> </div> <p class="wordsection1"><b>Responsibilities</b></p> <div> <table align="center" hspace="0" style="border:undefined" vspace="0"> <tbody> <tr> <td align="left" style="padding-top:0in; padding-right:9.0pt; padding-bottom:0in; padding-left:9.0pt" valign="top"> <ul> <li class="wordsection1">Be part of an innovative team that drives Client's Celonis initiatives and uses Celonis to dive into our business processes to determine root causes, quantify potential, and establish and drive improvement initiatives that make our business more efficient</li> <li class="wordsection1">Set up and maintain data structures that will be the basis of the analyses and work together closely with the business analysts to generate the standard set of/canonical analytics that serve as a single source of truth for business performance measurement as well as data driven decision making</li> <li class="wordsection1">Responsible for setting data dictionary and maintaining data governance on the created structure</li> <li class="wordsection1">Identify the best possible strategy for data collection, ensure the data quality, and work together with the stakeholders responsible for the data input to ensure we can correctly measure and track all necessary information </li> <li class="wordsection1">Collaborate with IT system experts to ensure the IT systems are set up correctly to gather all relevant information and support the most effective data structures</li> </ul> </td> </tr> </tbody> </table> </div> <p class="wordsection1" style="margin-left:48px"> </p> <p class="wordsection1"><br /> <b>Thanks and Regards,</b><b> </b><br /> <b>Kshitija Karpate </b><br /> _________________________________________________<br /> <b>Ztek Consulting Inc</b><b>. </b><br /> Phone: 678-804-4480 <br /> E-mail: <u><a href="" style="color:#0563c1; text-decoration:underline"></a></u> <br /> Visit us on: <u><a href="" style="color:#0563c1; text-decoration:underline" title="blocked::"></a></u><br /> LinkedIn : <u></u><br /> ______________________________________</p>
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