Security Testing Assessment

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Security Testing Assessment
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  • Duración 30 minutos
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Hire Security Tester
Security Testing is a variant of Software Testing which ensures, that system and applications in an organization, are free from any loopholes that may cause a big loss. A Security Testing expert will find out all possible loopholes and weaknesses of the system which might result into a loss of information at the hands of the employees or outsiders of the organization.

This test will help you in:

Assessing the ability to detect highly complex vulnerabilities
Assessing the ability to tell you the precise location of any flaw in the source code
Assessing the ability to provide a valuable framework during application development to detect weaknesses before they become security risks.

This is a 30-minutes test aimed at thoroughly evaluating the knowledge, concepts, application and analysis skills of the target audience in Security Testing.  The test is divided into 5 parts:

Security Testing Basics
Information Gathering
Recommended experience bracket of target audience: 1-4 years

Difficulty level: Moderate

Why Use Mettl's Skill Test?

Mettl's Security Testing Assessment test is specially designed to cater to the level of skills that a good beginner to intermediate level Security Tester would be expected to possess. We can benchmark the test for specific job roles with a vast array of global target audience that have already given the test for that job role.

Key profiles the test is useful for:

Security Tester
Penetration Tester
Application Security Tester
Technical Specialist - Security Testing
  • Preguntas 25
  • Duración 30 minutos
  • Idioma English
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