Ruby on Rails Developer Assessment

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Ruby on Rails Developer Assessment
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  • Duración 60 minutos
  • Idioma English
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Hire The Best Ruby on Rails Developers For Your Organization

Ruby on Rails Developers are responsible for writing server-side web application logic in Ruby, around the Rails framework. They support the front-end developers by integrating their work with the application. Their responsibilities include:-

Development and Maintenance of web applications
Writing server-side web application logic in Ruby
Creating back-end components
Connecting applications with the other web services
Familiarity with concepts such as MVC

This is a 60-minutes test aimed at thoroughly evaluating the knowledge, concepts, application and analysis skills of the target audience in the server-side web application framework using Ruby on Rails. The test has 20 items divided into two sections as follows:

19 MCQ/MCA items based on Ruby on Rails skills
1 Hands-on coding problem intended to test problem solving and development skills in Ruby.
Recommended experience bracket of target audience: 0.5 - 2 years

Difficulty level: Moderate

Why Use Mettl's Skill Test?
Mettl's Ruby on Rails Developers test is specially designed to cater to the level of skills and preparation that a good beginner to intermediate level developer would be expected to possess. We can benchmark the test for specific job roles with a vast array of global target audience that have already given the test for that job role.

Key profiles the test is useful for:
Ruby on Rails Developer
Web Developer
Back-End Developer
  • Preguntas 20
  • Duración 60 minutos
  • Idioma English
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