Mettl Learning Agility Assessment

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Mettl Learning Agility Assessment
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Identify and develop your high potentials with Mettl Learning Agility Assessment

What is Learning Agility?
A leadership skill depicted in the ability and willingness to learn from one's experiences, adapt accordingly and apply that learning and perform successfully in new work conditions.

Naturally self-reflective, high potentials are agile learners. They tend to push beyond boundaries, actively respond to new conditions and objectively evaluate their experiences. The Mettl Learning Agility Assessment helps you identify agile learners, who are the best to lead for your organization's success. It's a comprehensive assessment, broadly measuring 3 dimensions, further mapped to 20 competencies.

Used for :

Generating a talent pool for placement of high potentials (including early career, emerging talent), key job assignments, succession plans, and to support their development and coaching
Better hiring decisions for roles where learning agility is a core requirement
Identifying incumbent employees who are likely to succeed in international assignments
Adjunction to team building exercises.
  • Preguntas 129
  • Duración 70 minutos
  • Idioma English
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