Python MySQL Developer Assessment

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Python MySQL Developer Assessment
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What is Python and why is it so popular?

Python is an object-oriented, high-level programming language widely anticipated for its dynamic semantics and easy syntax. It’s relatively easier than other programming languages and helps programmers create beautiful applications comfortably and efficiently. It's the brainchild of Guido van Rossum and was released in 1991. 

Here are the reasons that make this language so popular among developers:

Python is a general-purpose language that was developed with the same intention. However, it’s the simplicity and an easily comprehensible syntax that make this language quite popular among talented coders and students alike. Experimentation with changes in the code base is easy with this interpreted language.
Supportive community
The Python community has been flourishing since the language gained ground among developers. There is no dearth of adequate literary sources available for learners of all ages to build their understanding of the product, ranging from official documentation to MOOC courses.  The relevance of Python in academia is also evident, where students undertake in-depth research projects.
Sponsor Backing
Corporate sponsorships are behind the rise and fall of new languages and technologies. Leading organizations like Google, Facebook, AWS have always supported this language, contributing significantly to the success of this language.
Extensive collection of resources 
Python language has a community of staunch followers and a plethora of sponsors which is all the more evident in the way its extensive libraries and frameworks are proliferating rapidly. These add-ons increase the efficacy of the learning program and make it increasingly popular among the user base.
Big data and machine-learning 
Python as a language has been crucial to the development of the latest trends in computer science. The language allows users to conduct research and development in areas like big data and machine learning. It is also widely used for analytics and data science, facilitating numerous data processing workloads in organizations the world over. Interestingly, Python libraries are used in various machine learning projects every day. 
Python is a versatile, open-source language. It’s concise, easily comprehensible and enhances the efficiency of developers, enabling them to accomplish great tasks with less effort. Professionals can use this language for software development, web development, and building scientific applications.
Why are online Python programming assessments important?

Conducting Python assessment online helps in gauging the breadth of the candidate’s knowledge in the Python language and its native data structures. Using these tests, pre-employment screening becomes as efficient as possible. The test identifies highly competent professionals who are good problem solvers and can easily understand native data structures and language constructs. These online tests are pivotal to find the best Python coders who are not only good at solving coding problems but can also find and fix the bugs in the programming.

What’s a Python programming test?

This specialized test is designed for those who are in search of a Python-based job or are trying to find a new challenging role in a different work environment. The purpose of a Python assessment is to provide professionals with an opportunity to identify their coding interview skills as in what skillsets distinguish them from their peers. Similarly, hiring managers can find the best of the lot with coding assessment questions. Python programming assessments can offer an exhaustive, simulated coding assessment environment that can give detailed insights about the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses.

What do the Python programming tests measure?

This test will help you in identifying key strengths that are important for Python developers:

Basics of Python Programming
Knowledge of Advanced Concepts like Classes, Objects, Regex, etc.
Hands-on Python development skills
  • Preguntas 18
  • Duración 60 minutos
  • Idioma English
  • Precio 19.99 US$