Mettl Microsoft Excel Test - Basic Level

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Mettl Microsoft Excel Test - Basic Level
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  • Duración 20 minutos
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Hire candidates with basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel has increasingly become useful for organizations to effectively manage their business by performing various mathematical, financial calculations. A candidate skilled at Microsoft Excel can use the application to analyse information and visualize data and information in the form of charts, smart arts, and pivot tables. This requires a candidate to be able to understand the functions and features of the application, develop practices to minimize time, effort and be able to execute fast operations.

Mettl’s Assessment for Microsoft Excel Skills lets you evaluate a candidate’s ability to use excel for data typing, sorting, filtering, and formatting in Microsoft Excel. This test has been designed to assess the basic excel skills of a potential candidate. It also tests the use of pivot tables, excel shortcuts, hyperlinks, password protection and other excel functions.

Prominent Use Case:

Excel is a powerful tool used extensively in most modern businesses. Data holds many insights if organised properly and analysed to track trends. This requires expertise in the software and an application-oriented mindset. This test has been designed to test the proficiency of a candidate in using Excel for statistical analysis.

What does Assessment for Microsoft Excel measure?

  • Assessment for Microsoft Excel is a comprehensive test specially designed to assess the skills of a candidate to use Microsoft Excel effectively and efficiently. This test measures the technical knowledge of a candidate on the following aspects through a set of specific role-based application questions. 
  • Effectively organize data including project plans, budgets, current expenses and other information.
  • Analyse and record data to get accurate insights
  • Execute and collaborate with the integration of data with contacts to minimize effort.
  • This test aims to assess the candidates on the technical knowledge related to basic concepts in Microsoft Excel involving the application of the features, functions, formatting, pivot tables, shortcuts, etc.
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  • Duración 20 minutos
  • Idioma English
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