General Aptitude Test

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General Aptitude Test
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Hire Smart by assessing General Aptitude of Candidates

General Aptitude Test provide a way to assess an applicant’s ability to use logic to solve complex problems. It is the innate, learned or acquired ability of an individual to perform certain tasks. It helps assess Individual's capacity for learning in general regardless of any specific skill. 

Why is testing aptitude important?

General Aptitude Test play a significant role at the time of recruitment. It helps the organizations assess candidates on various skills and competencies which are crucial to perform well in the job. This test helps measure an individual’s tendency to perform well across a range of different areas. These tests also help identify the skills in which an individual lacks and hence are also used for learning and development.

What does General Aptitude Measure?

Mettl General Aptitude Test is designed in a way that it has a mixture of questions which assess a variety of skills. It assesses the ability of an individual to process work related information and the ability to use reasoning to solve problems one encounters in one’s work. Mettl General Aptitude Test is specially designed to cater to the level of aptitude that an employee would be expected to possess in any kind of job role. The test will help you measure Reasoning Skills, Numerical Ability, Verbal Ability and Data Analysis skills of a candidate. 

Mettl General Aptitude Test offers you a plethora of assessment choices ranging from very basic tests for administrative to clerical roles to advanced level tests for leadership and strategic roles. The Job Aptitude tests are highly specific to the level of the roles.

The test consists of the following major competencies given below:
Analytical Ability and Problem Solving: Ability of an individual to apply reasoning to solve problems and arrive at suitable solutions. 

Abstract Reasoning: Ability of an individual to quickly identify patterns and the logical rule underlying those patterns to arrive at solutions.

Numerical Ability and Data Analysis: Ability of an individual to apply basic mathematical concepts to solve work related problems. This requires one to work with numbers and analyze data to make decisions. 

Communication Skills (Verbal Ability): Ability of an individual to reason with words/ written text and comprehend a problem correctly and evaluate the options to arrive at the best possible solution. 

Attention to Detail: Ability to capture every minute detail and present the work in a clear, complete, precise and easy to understand language.

Critical Thinking: Ability to use rational thinking and critically assess situations to identify assumptions, draw inferences and evaluate arguments.
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