C++ Developer Assessment

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C++ Developer Assessment
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C++ is among the most popular programming languages in the world. It is widely used in various software programs and languages. Using this language, C++ developers design and devise software solutions. 

What is C++?

C++ is a dynamic programming language with numerous applications ranging from the development and implementation of software solutions to the upkeep of software systems. C++  is the brainchild of Bjarne Stroustrup that he developed at Bell Labs. The language first appeared in 1985. It is a general-purpose, case sensitive, statically typed, and free-formed language. It supports generic, procedural, and object-oriented programming. 

There is a constant demand for C++ professionals as it is used in various industries. These professionals are highly sought after by leading companies around the world. The high demand for professionals for roles such as system software developer, game software engineer, and embedded engineer attest to the popularity of this language. This is precisely why  C++ online tests aid employers in acquiring the right talent pool.

 What is the work of a C++ developer?

 A C++ developer performs a variety of roles, some of which are mentioned below:

 Planning and Implementing software solutions
 Creating, editing and evaluating the C++ code
 Taking care and maintaining the quality of C++ code
 Looking after automation and optimization
 Looking after development documentation
 Implementing optimized and top-quality modules
 Identifying bugs and bottlenecks and proposing solutions
About C++ Developer Test:

The C++  test evaluates candidates' expertise in the C++ language and their ability to make the most of the C++ Standard Library. This test is useful for pre-employment screening and helps save a lot of recruiters’ time and energy. A proficient C++ programmer can write a nontrivial program in less time than usual and writes well-designed, accurate, readable, and maintainable codes. The online CPP test helps in distinguishing the best from the rest as it comes with a set of questions that test not only coding skills of candidates but also their ability to find and fix bugs.

The C ++ test helps you in evaluating: 

C++ Programming basics
Object-Oriented Programming(OOP) concepts
Advanced concepts of Data Structures, Memory Allocation, Pointers, etc.
Debugging and development skills
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